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TeenAge Privacy Program

To assist any business engaging with teen consumers, the TeenAge Privacy Program (TAPP) Roadmap maps the broad spectrum of potential privacy and online safety harms impacting teens onto a concrete set of operational considerations. Whether your company is in online consumer goods, retail, beauty or another space that is directed toward or engages with teens, work with the TAPP team to apply these considerations tailored to your privacy practices to engage responsibly with your teen audience. 

TAPP 2.0 page

The TAPP 2.0 Roadmap

The TAPP Roadmap, initially released in April 2022, was updated this fall to align the Roadmap’s considerations with new state laws and FTC enforcement action to set a robust standard for what companies should be obligated to do when processing teenage personal information and ensuring teen safety online.

Compliance Categories

Given how the legislative and regulatory landscape has prioritized teen privacy and online safety protections, the roadmap makes an effort to guide companies, leveraging a risk-based approach to teen privacy that includes the following categories:

Consent Data Protection Impact Assessments
Age Assurance Practices User-Generated Content & Moderation Practices
Purpose Limitations & Data Minimization Social Features
Teen Data Subject Requests Use of Algorithms for Personalization, ADM, & Profiling Teen-Age Users
Data Security Retaining Teen Data
Use of Teen Geolocation Data Sharing Teen Data
Interest-Based Advertising Practices In-App Purchases
Stealth Advertising to Minors Parental Tools
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"Companies that are not carefully considering the impact of their online services on minors are potentially subjecting their own businesses to poor ethical decisions, higher likelihoods of enforcement action, implicating their own brand image, and limiting opportunities to develop life-long followers, starting with their earliest consumer base: teens."

Divya Sridhar, Ph.D., Director, Privacy Initiatives, BBB National Programs

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Meet with the TAPP team to get access to the updated Roadmap and receive guidance on how to apply the robust considerations to your teen advertising & privacy practices and prepare for the regulatory changes ahead.

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